Damian Lemar Hudson

Damian Lemar Hudson’s portfolio extends far and wide across different areas, from play writing, music production to being an amazing vocalist. He has vision and is not afraid to try something different. Having been nominated for the VMAs for Black Spiderman, and being signed to Logic one of the world leading hip hop phenominons, Damian Lemar Hudson is on course towards becoming a sensatiional artist.

Rajpal Rekhi

Rajpal’s journey began immediately after he graduated from University with a degree in economics. Having started his business at the age of 21 he had to endure difficult challenges to build his brand from the ground up. After spending countless hours on design, animation and digital strategy, he was finally able to make a dent in the market and rapidly grow his brand. Rajpal is truly a creative in its purest sense with his social content now having recieved over 200,000 views and his work having been endorsed by celebrities, corporations and private investors.

Jordan Reynolds Brown

Jordan Reynolds Brown has been responsible for all the development behind the app. He has spent a great deal of time perfecting his skills to become proficient in his line of work. Having worked on a vast array of projects Jordan is set to become a well known developer in the world of app development.