Drift Away - The Music Production

After the success of Black Spiderman and having recently been signed to Logic’s newly founded record label – Elysium, Damian Lemar Hudson quickly immersed himself in the music production for the Drift Away project. He developed his own unique sound through experimenting with different instruments and vocals which not only sounded incredible but complimented the designs of the video game.

Drift Away - The Game Design Process

Over the last three months Rajpal Rekhi has been responsible for designing everything from the storyline, characters and the world maps.

“We wanted to create something that was unique and authethic so during the design process I refused to look at any other work for inspiration. There were many times where I could have taken a shortcut but I decided that for this project in particular I wanted every pixel to be designed by me. It was a challenging task and in total our file count game in just under 3000 pieces for just design alone. Having spent hundreds of hours, I am truly proud of what a small team has accomplished in a short time constraint.”