Damian Lemar Hudson Presents

Drift Away

we will be back

I wanted to start of with saying that we are extremely humbled and amazed at the sheer response we received with the Drift Away project. It was our first project and to produce something that had thousands of downloads and such positive feedback has been everything that we could asked for. As many of you know technology is constantly evolving and maintaining this can be costly and time consuming. Everything we have done up till today has been done independently. We wanted to make sure that everything that has our name associated to it was of a high value, therefore we decided to take down Drift Away from the app stores, for now. But please rest assure that this is only the beginning of the Drift Away universe. 

– Rajpal Rekhi 

Drift Away

Get ready to join BobbyBoy record’s very own Damian Lemar Hudson on his journey to prove his musical talent to world. Drift Away – incorprates the best of a challenging platform game with high quality music production. Battle through different levels, all with their own unique challenges and unlock songs from Damian’s exclusive music album. With a full blown story mode, key celebrity features, online minigames and an in-game music player, get ready to be wowed and to experience an album like you never have before.